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Swiftly and precisely responding to customer needs in new ways from new perspectives


RENESAS EASTON, a semiconductor technological trading company that traces its history back to 1954 at the dawn of the electronics era, has developed and flourished along with the progress of the electronics industry that has transformed our world. Amid rapid and remarkable technological innovation, we have been fulf illing the needs of our customers as their interface with device manufacturers, helping them satisf y their increasingly sophisticated needs for cutting-edge electronic devices. Leveraging our industry-leading technological and development capabilities, we are able to propose solutions that are highly advantageous to our customers, supporting the progress of their business. This expertise-driven approach has enabled us to earn the trust of discerning customers in diverse industrial fields and build enduring relationships with them as their valued business partner. The speed of technological innovation is accelerating and creating new business opportunities as peoplefs values evolve and the structure of the market is transformed. As indicated by the miniaturization of digital devices and the enhancement of their functionality, the emergence of cloud computing as the new paradigm, and the progress of energy saving and environmentally-friendly technologies, the semiconductor application field is rich with potential for expansion globally. Inspired by these possibilities, we will swiftly and precisely respond to rapidly evolving customer needs in new ways from new perspectives by always adhering to our gCreation & Innovationh credo. In a changing world, you can count on us.

Hitoshi Ishii
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