Corporate Philosophy
Basic Philosophy
RENESAS EASTON always focuses on contributing to the development of Japanese industry by practicing gCreation and Innovationh in the electronics business, as well as complying with all laws, achieving harmony with the community, making an effort in providing products and services which meet customersf needs, pursuing satisfaction for customers, and receiving the best support from customers. RENESAS EASTON also declares its basic business policy as being a trustworthy company which obtains understanding and sympathy from shareholders through healthy results and transparent business management.
Business Target
  1. We will promote mutual trust with customers, establish a great partnership, and heartily continue our efforts to reach the goal in the spirit of mutual co-operation.(With customers)
  2. We will be a corporation which always advances together with society, while respecting all laws and maintaining harmony with society.(With society)
  3. We will attempt to engage in activities which achieve understanding and empathy from shareholders, by maintaining healthy profits and transparent business management through profitable growth with quality.(With shareholders)
  4. We will support each employee to be aware of their mission as a member of society, respecting their colleagues, listening to other peoplefs opinions, and constantly growing and advancing their abilities with a consciousness of participation and contribution to the company, and we will make fair evaluations of them.
    We also will strive to provide a full affluent life to our employees, and grow together with them.(With employees)
  5. We will care about human health and the operation of nature, take an active role in improving the environment, and contribute in continuous development for a sustainable society.(With environment)
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