From the latest microcomputer to general-perpose semiconductors or display devices
The newborn RENESAS EASTON provides the latest products to support the development of electronics manufacturers.
We provide not only microcomputers or memory manufactured by Renesas Electronics, ASIC, and general-purpose semiconductors, but also a wide range of products, including various devices which provide the backbone of the optical communication industry, LCD devices which have been expanding their market for mobile phones or OA/AV systems, and middleware for intelligent home appliances equipped with browsers manufactured by other Japanese manufacturers.
RENESAS EASTON has also reinforced partnerships, including agency contracts with leading manufacturers in Asia and the U.S.A. We have established a system to promptly supply various devices and PC boards with high efficiency and great cost performance.
RENESAS EASTON holds the highest regard for relationships with customers, and expanding our product line to satisfy various demands. By operating full time, and with quality and technical support for technological operations support, we respond to the demands of transaction periods with a strong sense of responsibility for speed.
gBy talking to RENESAS EASTON all your problems will be solved quicklyh
We aim to be the comprehensive gone-stop solutionh vendor that gets more client feedback like this.
Main Products
Products Photo
Integrated Circuits
  • Microcomputer
    • (32bit RISC microcomputer, 32/16/8bit CISC microcomputer)
  • Memories
    • (SRAM, Flash Memory,Flash Card, EEPROM, DRAM)
  • ASIC
    • (CBIC, G/A, Emb.G/A)
  • Dedicated IC
    • (LAN Controller, USB Controller, PowerIC, Graphic Controller, CPU Chip Set for PC)
  • General-purpose IC
    • (Standard Logic, Standard Linear, Reset IC) etc.
Semiconductor Devices
  • Transistor
  • Diobe
  • Power Diode
  • Laser Diode
  • IGBT
  • LED etc.
Electronic Parts
  • Optical Module
  • Optical Pickup
  • Bluetooth Module
  • COMS Sensor Module etc.
Display Devices
  • LCD Element, LCD Module (Monochrome/Color STN, TFT)
  • Color Filter etc.
Software/Standard Board
  • Middleware (Browser, TCP/IP, Image, Sound)
  • Industrial/Consumer PC Boards
  • Panel PC etc.
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