Our company is looking at the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in detail, and our companyfs twin focus on quality and the environment has led us to actively engage in developments in this area.

Starting in October 2008 we have implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) in our central technology office in order to set out quality standards which pave the way for improvement and advancement in quality and service for products that the customer can trust. In March of 2009 we received recognition for achieving the international standards of ISO9001 for Quality Management Systems. We plan on continuing to improve our products well into the future, as a company which aims to maintain the support and trust of the customer.

As an active participant in society our company has engaged management in the conservation of the environment and in September 2004 received official recognition for obtaining ISO14001 qualifications. At a time when the role for companies in protecting the environment is growing more important year by year, our company promises to continuously move forward in providing environmentally low impact products.

In addition to this, as a part of our CSR initiative we have begun sponsorship of the Japan Adaptiverowing Association. We were very happy to see the team we supported contend in the double sculling event at the Beijing Paralympics in 2008.

Environmental Policy
RENESAS EASTON will value the relationship between human health and nature, actively engage in improving the global climate, and contribute to the continuing development of a sustainable society through our business activities as a technical trading company mainly selling semiconductor products and providing solutions.

  1. We carry out our business which has a positive effect on society by providing environmentally-conscious products, technology and services.
  2. We preserve limited natural resources by using ecological products.
  3. We work for the prevention of global warming by promoting an ecological office with energy-saving activities, like saving power.
  4. We implement thorough waste separation our contribution to recycling, and also strive to reduce waste generation.
  5. We continuously improve our environmental management system to prevent environmental load, environmental pollution and environmental protection.
  6. We comply with related regulations and other requirements ,which we agree with.
  7. All employees will be systemically involved in the project of setting environmental motivation and goals to attain this environmental policy. The policy will be changed in response to changing circumstances.
  8. This policy will be communicated to all employees through environmental education or public relations, and also be released to the public.
  • Issued: April 21, 2004
  • Revised: October 1, 2016
  • Hitoshi Ishii
  • President
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Environmental Policy
Our company shall always strive to support the expansion of the electronics industry and contribute to the development of our domestic manufacturing sector through our constant cycle of creation and innovation, whilst at the same time we will honor the law and contribute to social harmony, by aligning our products and services with the needs of the client in order to build mutual trust.

In order to be a company which receives the support and trust of our clients, we have outlined the following product standards.

  1. We will offer products, goods and services which fulfill the needs of the client.
  2. We will administer the highest standard quality, cost and transfer systems based on what is most fundamental and correct.
  3. We will plan a highly efficient Quality Management System which is subject to continuous improvement.
  4. We plan to contribute to the harmony of society through respect for the law and the observance of appropriate ethical standards.
  5. We will set quality targets at each level for the key issues below and strive to achieve them.
    We will review activity situations and provide feedback.
    (1)Enhance the functionality as a technology trading company and offer products and technical support that
    @@can earn customer satisfaction.
    (2)Build in quality at the design and development phases.
    (3)Earn greater customer confidence in products and technical support.
    (4)Ensure quality and technical support when identifying products and expanding our sales.
    (5)Establish an effective system using Quality Management System and apply it throughout operations.
    (6)Improve the quality of employees and our work.
  • Issued: October1, 2008
  • Revised: September 2, 2010
  • Hitoshi Ishii
  • President
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