As a reliable partner
In the automotive, manufacturing and consumer entertainment industries, RENESAS EASTON is molding together the core domestic and international semiconductor products of Renesas to make the customerfs systems a reality by offering a broad range of solutions. We are also engaging software and ASIC development to respond to the customerfs needs for more competitive systems.
In software development, we are developing browser software, infrared transmission systems, file management systems and other developments transferred from Renesas Electronics PC Firmware, whilst also establishing a structure which can provide high quality, reliable software to the automotive industry in the near future.
In ASIC development, we are strengthening partnerships with groups such as Hitachi and the Faraday Technology Corporation (Taiwan), whilst simultaneously using results from over 600 past projects. We make it possible for the customer have their project tailored to their needs, from specifications to RTL interface.
In recent years we have also focused on developing MSIG technology, and have brought forth high quality and high efficiency product developments.
Example of Total Solution
Automotive Industry
This focal industry of Renesas Electronics comprises highly efficient microprocessors, power MOS and MSIG at the centre of this soundly growing field.
Manufacturing Industry
LCD Manufacturer
This industry forms the mainstay of RENESAS EASTON, in an industry which demands high quality and long run supply stability.
Amusement Industry
OA Manufacturer
OA Manufacturer
We deliver appropriate high-end SOC software systems to respond to the various demands for graphics, security, networks, and other such features.
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